When traveling with children, opt for Kyrgyzstan

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Stargazing, horseback riding, and yurt nights, Kyrgyzstan is ideal for toddlers and their parents looking for a change of scenery.

It’s a show that deserves itself. Several hours of off-road, through the Kyrgyz mountain. Green valleys, rock walls, then the road becomes Stony, narrow. We go up, slowly, when a car runs into us. The pass has passed and the Song-Kul Lake is revealed, sparkling. In the steppe that surrounds it, a few yurts grouped by family. Overhanging, Snowy Mountains. And a unique sense of isolation and appeasement invades you.

Why Kyrgyzstan? Lovers of high-altitude treks generally prefer Tajikistan, its southern neighbor. The retirees of National Education and the various liberal professions who are fond of cultural travel opt for the pottery of Uzbekistan, in the West (the retirees of National Education).

Reasonable Prices
Except you have (young) children. And for treks at 7,000 meters with family, there are certainly amateurs, but let’s bet that these brave (you said reckless ?) are few. As for Uzbekistan, if its magic can work on the smallest – especially since each city has an amusement park – the very urban and strictly cultural character of the usual circuit can put off. We’d be wrong, but that’s the way it is.

Kyrgyzstan allows an adventure under control, suitable for the little ones, and at a reasonable price during the summer period. It is possible to rent and drive your vehicle yourself, but it is strongly recommended to take a car with a driver. This solution allows you to enjoy the landscape and avoid disappointments on rocky roads at altitude.

Generous local gastronomy
Adventure is first of all nights in yurt camp, with family. We do not guarantee a peaceful sleep, between the little last one fiddling on the large common bench and the pungent smell of dung-based heating, but the change of scenery is assured. And the observation of the stars under the sky of these Himalayan foothills, the horseback rides in the meadow of Song-Kul Lake, among the flocks in freedom, are well worth sore awakenings.

Especially since they will be celebrated by the generous local gastronomy – pancakes, fruits, fresh cheeses … the culinary challenge, precisely. What about it? Because the adventure is nice, but if it comes down to a daily triple standoff with a recalcitrant offspring around the table, it can quickly become painful. Here, the problem can be circumvented by the presence of rice on the menu, almost systematically, and the simplicity of meat skewers. But one can not exclude the triggering of a passion for Lagman-noodles in vegetable broth – or manty – ravioli with meat.

Paradise of wild greenery
Before the reader jumps to the conclusion that we only think about eating and sleeping (not wrong), it’s about evoking the wonders and diversity of Kyrgyzstan. We can start with the geological formations of Jeti-Oguz (“the seven bulls”) and the Valley of Kök-Jaik (“Valley of flowers”), a paradise of wild greenery before the peaks of the Tian-Shan range, which culminate at 7,500 m.then discover the red and desert canyon of Skazlka, the time of a walk with Martian looks. Enjoy Lake Issyk-Kul on its southern shore, in the Bel-Tam yurt camp, where children can bathe and, if they sympathize with their Kyrgyz comrades, feed the farm animals.

On the other hand, one can quite spare – at the risk of angering the Kyrgyz a little – the visit of the petroglyphs of Cholpon-Ata and the tower of Burana, archaeological and historical remains that pale in face of the richness of the surrounding nature. Car trips can be long (especially when you incorporate the inevitable punctures), and these two detours are too many.

Between two walks, you will have all the leisure of playing cards, reading books, taking time, in absolute calm, isolated from the world. A luxury that is priceless.

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