About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan (official name: The Kyrgyz Republic) is located in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan’s borders are with the former Soviet Union republics of: Kazakhstan, to the north (1,113km long), Uzbekistan, to the west (1,374km long), Tajikistan, to the south (972km long), and China to the south and east (1,049km long).

Area: Stretching 900km from east to west and 425km from north to south, Kyrgyzstan’s total landmass is 198,5 thousand square kilometers.

Mountains: The Kyrgyz Republic is a mountainous country. Ninety-four percent of the country is over 1,000m above sea level and about forty-one percent is over 3,000m. The average elevation is 2,750m; the highest elevation is 7,439m; and the lowest is 401m. The highest points of the Tien-Shan mountain range are the Pamir (7,439m) and Khan-Tengri (6,995m) summits.


Water Resources: 1,923 mountain lakes and about 40,000 rivers and streams (the Naryn River crosses most of the country before flowing into the Syr Darya on its way to the Aral Sea). The biggest lakes are Yssyk-Kol (6,236 sq. km), Son-Kol (278 sq. km), and Chatyr-Kol (171 sq. km).

Climate: The climate of Kyrgyzstan is continental, with a relevantly small amount of atmospheric precipitation. On average there are 247 sunny days annually. In the lowlands, the temperatures vary from -4° / -6°C (21 / 24°F) in January to 16/24°C (61 / 75°F) in July. In the highlands, the temperatures vary from -14° / -20°C (7 / -4°F) in January, to 8 / 12°C (46 / 54°F) in July.

Tourism Seasons:
Jailoo (high altitude summer pastures): Mid-May – early October
Trekking / climbing: Year-round
Hiking at 4,000m ASL: Late June – late October
Horseback riding: March to November (South), April to October (North)

Time: GMT+5

Capital: Bishkek

Population: 6,4 million

Ethnic Groups: Kyrgyz 66,9%, Uzbek 14,1%, Russian 10,7%, Dungan 1,1%, Uighur 1,0%, other 6,2%

Religions: Muslim 75%, Russian Orthodox 20%, other 5%

National Currency: 1som = 100 tyiyn.
The Kyrgyz economy is basically cash based.

Electricity Supply: 220 Volt, 50 Hz

Water: In cities it is usually safe to drink tap water but bottled spring and mineral water is available throughout the country

Languages: Kyrgyz, Russian (official). Many people in the capital speak English.

Astana (Almaty), Southern China Airlines (Urumchi), Uzbekistan Airways (Tashkent), Tajik Air (Dushanbe), Ural Airlines (Ekaterinburg).